Clisby Family

Loressa Clisby
Harold's eldest daughter, Loressa has worked in the film & TV industry for 20 years in art and animation and more recently as a writer and producer, developing film and TV projects. She ran an animation company that produced over 50 short animation productions for web and TV.

She has a BA in Visual Arts where she studied Film/Video, Sculpture, Photography, Music and Astronomy. She has traveled to over 20 countries, won 3 photographic awards and is published. Sharing her father's inventive abilities, she has created several products that are being patented.

She is passionate about the environment and supports several environmental causes.

Andrena Clisby
Andrena ran Clisby Miniature Machines, a company that made miniature lathes milling machines and drill presses, designed by Harold. She has also designed and sold fashion and costumes, and worked in real estate. She inherited the Clisby estate and looks after the V6 engine and other memorabilia. She is also actively involved in the Ferrari Club of South Australia.

Orville Clisby
Harold's son, Orville has worked as a design engineer for many years and helped design and fabricate inventions and projects with Harold. He has also designed and built several exquisite model steam engines, A steam powered boat and a steam locomotive. He also designs board games.

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