Loressa Clisby Portfolio

Digital Artist | Writer
Melbourne | Los Angeles

Portfolio - Animation

Animation was in my blood as a child and began with flick cartoons in the corner of thick books with fine paper. I made a stop-motion clay animation at high school, then another at university. I taught myself animation and then became an animation lecturer in Adelaide University, Australia. I then worked for Digital Artisan, where as Animation Director, I headed a team of artists, working on around 50 animations for web and TV in Flash, Lightwave and in a hybrid mix of the two.

I moved to Los Angeles, where I worked on feature films, television, theme parks and games. I feel I can CG model and texture most anything and set up and light scenes with proficiency. I am well versed in Lightwave and Maya. I continue working in animation for my own projects including mobile games and pitch presentations.

Alien Auditions - short film

The Producer - web series

Retrobots - TV pitch

Loathe - short film

Robotech - TV pitch

Sea Dragon - special venue

Portfolio - Art Direction

I began working in the props department of Channel 9 in Australia, making props, doing art and illustration. Simultaneously, I worked as an Art Director on several short films. I have also done many industrial designs for various projects outside of film/TV, including design for real estate, websites, product design, UI design and theme park design.

In the USA, I worked as an Art Director for Mammoth Sound & Vision doing concepts and storyboards for special venue projects. I also managed a team of illustrators, compositors and CGI artists and did layout design, colour design, as well as CGI components.

John Fogerty DVD design, titles & credits

Fremont Street Experience, Las Vegas

Layout design for The Doors show

Hili Fun City theme park, Abu Dhabi

Stephen Fry podcast

Adventure Sea theme park design

Portfolio - Writing

I started writing when I was at school. I hand made books and comics, and loved creative writing. I then started writing my own short films at university and continued writing spec film and television scripts and bibles on the side, while working as a digital artist. Most recently, I decided to work on my own projects and have since written 2 feature screenplays and 6 television bibles, and have many more in development.

I have and continue to pitch animation bibles to television networks including Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Warner Brothers, Fox and ABC television in Australia. I also write game design documents for my game company startup shubugames.com and app design for my software startup shubusoft.com.

The Nightmare Makers

Zombie Cow TV pitch

Daemon Keep online game

The Cats Of Venice


Lincoln Logs game pitch for Hasbro

Portfolio - Illustration/Concept Art

I have drawn since I was a child. I spent much of my school life drawing cartoons and caricatures. Much of the concept work is for Special Venue projects, TV shows and others are for games. I can draw in a realistic style, and cartoon style in pencil, paint and am an expert in Photoshop and Vector. Most recently, I do concept work for my own projects, for mobile games and pitch presentations.

Sideways concept for graphic novel

Photoshop Cat for book series

Character design for TV pitch

Character design for TV pitch

Mad Fish logo

Bird painting

About Me

I grew up in Adelaide, South Australia. After my parents divorced, my siblings and I followed my mother and ended up going to 4 primary schools, including one in Charters Towers, Queensland. We finally settled back in Adelaide, where I went to high school, then did a Bachelor of Arts Degree at the University of South Australia, where I studied film & TV and photography. I also designed and built a dolly/crane system including 2 cranes, track and car mounts that I hired out to various short film and documentary productions. I have done documentary photography for film/video production, participated in the World Solar Car Race, a land speed record attempt, photographic work for real estate and won several photographic awards. It remains a personal passion of mine.

After my father died in 2005, I got married and moved to Los Angeles, where we bought a house and had a child. I worked on many projects for the entertainment business, then finally moved to Melbourne in 2016 where I did some freelancing, and have since chosen to finally work on my own projects. I have set up two startups under the name of Shubu and am working on card and board games, mobile games and apps. Check out shubugames.com and shubusoft.com. I'm also writing TV shows to pitch to networks around the world.

Everything I do, I have a mind to make a business of it, but I can't do everything, so many ideas and inventions remain in a pile for 'one day'. I love travel, science and technology, real estate, photography, beach fashion and making things with my hands. I can fabricate from wood, metal, fabric and 3D print. I do have one invention that is patentable and I intend to pursue in time. I came upon it by accident - it's like Velcro, but if you can imagine the applications - it's also stretchy, soft, quiet and wearable. Let me know if you're interested!


If you're interested in any of my projects, I'd love to hear from you! I'm currently living in Melbourne, Australia but intend to travel to Los Angeles in the near future. Let's talk!

loressa (at) clisby (dot) com